About Us

Many years ago, our father began making toffee to share with family and
friends during the holiday season. The toffee he made was delicious, and
everyone looked forward to receiving their toffee each year.  But when
our father passed away in 1978, there was no one to carry on the toffee-making
While going through old family mementos in 2000, we found the toffee recipe
and decided to see if we could reproduce the same quality of toffee that our
father had made so many years ago. With some trial and error, and a few minor
changes to the original recipe, we began making our own delicious toffee in 2000
and have been sharing it with our family and friends ever since.  It is because of
the overwhelming positive feedback and encouragement that we have received
over the years from those who have tasted our toffee that we decided to start our
own small business ~ The Toffee Habit. We wanted to share our toffee with those
who, like our family, enjoy a taste of something delicious, prepared in small
homemade batches…..the same way our father made and shared it so many years ago.

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